Just yesterday I started sharing with you some of my first thoughts as I watched the Notre Dame Cathedral burning in flames.

As I reflected on this tragedy of such a historical monument, it made me consider particularly one of the most monumental actions that occurred there which not only drove the course of 19th century Europe, but also has influenced the U.S. government and its power today.

I clearly see through the smoke and mirrors of our Fed covering up the difficult reality of our economy and markets.

If you happened to have missed yesterday’s article, you can read it now here.

But today I’m giving you the first access for my complete thoughts on the historically unprecedented Fed tyrant we’re facing in today’s markets.

I’ll be diving into the three most serious reasons so many investors end up losing as the Fed certainly shows signs of breaking its support.

One of the best things about Critical Signals Reports is that we are neither ignorant nor arrogant enough to blindly follow the crowd.

Instead I’m giving you the clear, decisive data that so many others miss and are choosing to ignore.

Now just click here for the full report, and as you read it, I can only invite you to consider sincerely taking whatever necessary actions to protect your investments.

In the interim, be smart, be patient, and be careful out there.

Matt Piepenburg


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