Critical Signals Report: #1 No-Nonsense Source for Macro Market Analysis and Creative, Forward-Looking Ways to Profit in a Global Recession

After the 2008 Crisis (handed to you entirely by Wall Street’s too-big-to-fail banks) and the Fed’s subsequent Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) – plus QE1-3 bailouts – an immortal distortion of “free markets” went too far for too long.

Markets and bonuses for the financier class skyrocketed while America barely got by with a GDP that annualized at 1.7%. Sickening.

And, sure, we’re currently riding high on a 10-plus-year bull market.

Our economy and stock market look as robust as ever. But not all that glitters is gold.

Compounding GDP is at 2% on average since 2008 – the lowest in a century.

60% of the new jobs being talked about on TV are part-time or in the lowest-wage sectors.

One in seven Americans are on food stamps. 50% of American children live in homes supported by the welfare state.

The average American survives by rotating across three credit cards each.

Almost half of American workers and working-class families are either within, or just $1K above, the national poverty line.

In short, the real economy is not faring as well as the stock market. As growth in the former stalls, the hype in the latter will soon follow. It’s just that simple.

Once you see a few key critical metrics and charts we’ve been diligently tracking with our Critical Signals Report– the ones that actually matter, not the cooked ones you’ll see on CNBC – you’ll start seeing things for what they really are.

Without any rose-tinted glasses. No hyperbole. No nonsense. Just cold facts. And lots of empirical evidence.

Debt levels have never been higher. Unemployment numbers are wildly manipulated. Inflation is blatantly misreported. Earnings are a joke. Companies are almost completely fabricating “profits.” Again, not dramatics, just objective facts.

Five companies consequently make up 80% of the S&P.

And the Fed’s “meth money” can only keep us afloat so long…

But the real storm brewing all boils down to one thing: the biggest bubble almost no one is talking about.

A catastrophic bond bubble is coming.

The writing’s on the wall here: The U.S. markets and the U.S. economy are about to head into the biggest recession and market crash in its history.

But you can still make a fortune. Even as the rest of the world is blindsided by a mega-crash making the bubble and 2008 recession look like child’s play.

Here you’ll find the oldest, simplest, yet most ignored secret to market wealth. You’ll learn how to make money and KEEP money. In bull or bear markets.

You’ll see exactly how to position yourself to prepare for a few major events that are about to unfold, and frankly, are already unfolding. We pledge to bring you up to speed on what’s really going on behind closed doors.

I’m here to tell the story no one else will tell you.

And I’ve got the knowledge, experience, and tried-and-true money-flow systems to help you allocate your portfolio, build a healthy nest egg, and invest with the confidence to overcome whatever market storms come between you and your retirement.

I’m here to help you take control of your wealth, goals, and dreams in spite of a system that’s failing by design.