Since 2009, it’s beyond extraordinary how long the “soaring eagle” markets have climbed toward record highs.

For those who have taken advantage of the opportunity they are bagging in money and basking in riches.

The easy “fat pitch” from Fed-driven markets has been fun and given us some rich opportunities.

I give the same advice to my billion dollar clients with the ridiculous fees.

The only difference is that I am giving it to you now for free.

We’re not in the middle of history, but coming close to the very end of a historical financial cycle-one driven entirely by Fed “engineering.”

There is overwhelming evidence of the visible hand behind what’s driving the markets.

And for those of you that learn from the history, you can make more money today than ever before.

Make Your Own Historical Gains or Get Lost in History

Despite a few sudden tanked moments like Q4 of 2018, markets have only risen.

It’s simple how we continue to benefit from the strongest trends.

Just over a month ago, we were handed more “Fed support” and near-term opportunities with the Fed’s recent March pivot.

I only bring this up so often to make it clear that this shifts all eyes to even bigger financial opportunities.

When the markets hand you a fat pitch, it’s ok to swing away – for a while at least.

If it continues, markets can only steadily rise more toward a historical, needle-like spike.

So it’s for you to decide if you’re going to pay up or get out of these final, historical fortune-making moments.

To be honest, it’s been indeed good for the rising 1 to 2 percent, as markets have been great.

Life is good, but it could be better for most of us, as it’s not great for a majority of Americans.

In another rather similar story, there was once a number one world power with a huge military budget, a booming population, growing debts, and massive deficits.

At that time, “brilliant experts” in their markets, government, and the equivalents of the mainstream media were determined to sell a story that markets were great and the country could not be any greater.

No one wanted to stop the party, except for a few lone wolf smart guys recognizing the crazy addiction.

Their blunt speech then is the same that keeps us wealthy and protects our investments.

But these rare few had the same worries then that we face now.

I’m not unique being contrarian; I just want you to be informed.

Mark Twain says “History repeats itself, not exactly, but it does rhyme.”

Certainly no one can time the markets, but it doesn’t take a palm reader or a fancy degree to recognize the ever more apparent signs.

I invite you to recognize the signs that I’m sharing which show the history-making gains are out and available to you now, before an equally history-making fall.

Stay tuned for this special report I’ll release tomorrow.

In the interim, get informed, stay safe, and be profitable out there.

Matt Piepenburg


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