At Critical Signals Report, we have stated bluntly that market risk far outweighs reward, and that an historically unprecedented recession and market storm is approaching.

In that report, we supported this forecast with raw math, not bearish bias.

But history also matters, and thus to let this point sink in, we offered a little “blast from the past.”

This report shows you how the French in the 1790’s did the same thing there and then that the U.S. and the Fed have done since 2008: Print their way into a debt disaster.

Our free report on the French Disaster shows astounding parallels between the 1790’s and today.

Yet despite these extraordinary examples of market disasters, we also know that markets, in their final gasps for air, reach astonishing new highs just before they tank.

And that’s why this information is so critical to make more in the markets while also protecting your investments.

A Bull Case in an Otherwise Bearish Backdrop

This temporary “melt-up” was true not only in the 1790’s of France, but in 1838 America and 1928-1929 America just before the Great Depression.

Toward this end, the U.S. today could similarly see such a final surge before its ultimate and cyclically-confirmed disaster.

Tomorrow I will have for you a full report explaining how such a scenario could play out.

At Critical Signals Report, we are neither bear nor bull-just blunt and fact-based.

The longer-term direction is clearly bearish, but we also recognize near-term bull trends and thus share them openly.

In this free report, you’ll see how global war, global debt, and global currency distortions lead by global central bank madness can actually, and sadly, be temporarily good for U.S. markets…

Of course, knowing how to gauge and invest in these dangerous times is essential.

We feel this latest free report will give you more facts, history and math to open your eyes to the risks and opportunities ahead so that you can make better investing decisions.

Stay tuned for what I hope to be an enjoyable read for you to help you stay smart.

In the interim, be careful out there.

Matt Piepenburg


5 responses to “Drop the Media Bull – Seize These Bullish Opportunities Instead”

  1. Looking forward to the Critical Signals report. I’m hoping there is some specific information that can be acted upon.

  2. hi Matt,

    i read with interest your above material. something that i read I knew, something not.
    i want to put a question ; do you publish signals or not, if yes where I will can read them ???

    best regards


  3. Again you give no specifics as to what to get into besides cash. If the economy crashes as you say, will not our money be worth even less.

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