12 Ways to Protect and Grow Your Wealth Today

There’s a nasty financial storm heading our way, but you wouldn’t know it from the eerie calm that now surrounds us. This calm is about to be shattered, and the borrowed “prosperity” as we know it today is about to evaporate.
I’m here to tell you why it’s happening, how you’ve been lied to, and what you need to do to protect and then massively grow your wealth.

Hedge Fund Money Secrets

Many of us love to hate hedge funds. But I know hedge funds. I’ve run them, allocated billions to them, managed millions myself, and have worked with so many fund managers over the years that I want to offer you my insights on how to make real money safely – the way the world’s best, rather than worst, hedge funds have done for years.

Why America Is Already the Most Socialist Country in the World

For nearly the entirety of 2018, I had warned my clients of a mathematically inevitable spike in 10-Year Treasury Yields, and hence a similar surge in U.S. interest rates. This “yield shock,” I warned, would usher a major market drawdown beginning in October and spreading into Christmas and beyond, which is precisely what happened.
We saw markets fall by 10% in October. Following some recovery in November, by New Year’s Eve, while watching fireworks in southern France, I watched markets in the U.S. melt with equal fanfare by 15% over just three weeks in December.
Here’s how I knew this was coming.