I have been blunt about my overall concern that current political and financial ploys will drive our drunken markets off the cliff.

I have shared the evidence for how it’s happening not just in the U.S., but also in global markets, like in this recent post about China.

Until that plays out, the fact of the matter is that markets are still climbing, and the rich are still piling in loads of wealth.

Everyday investors, on the other hand, are getting beat out by the big whigs on Wall Street and in the Fed alike, who have their own agendas to maintain their client’s billions and their public seats in office.

As a previous hedge fund manager myself, I have made my clients fortunes, but for a fee…

Now with my two+ decades of experience, I am sharing for free to all Americans the secrets to the nature of our markets and the wealth that can be made.

Here in my latest free report I give my full view on the still available near-term bullish opportunities in the U.S. markets.

You must read this immediately since the way we see markets going, it won’t be long until they turn for the far worse.

Click here now for the full report.

And as always, stay informed and be careful out there.

Matt Piepenburg


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