Coming out of the holiday weekend, the Critical Signals Report is gearing up for the days ahead with lots of exciting new reports.

In these reports, I’ll look not only at the “Big Picture,” but drill down into the nitty-gritty of the most current and relevant market signals.

For years now, we have seen signals for both opportunity and danger in the post-2008 markets.

Such signals have made many people wealthy, and this trend can certainly create further wealth as we experience a precarious melt-up in 2019.

But it’s equally important to manage risk in such conditions and avoid losing gains once the market meltdown hits.

So, it’s important to know about working the transitions in your favor during these rising and falling markets.

Thus, to help increase your returns while managing your risks, here’s what I have in store for you.

What to Expect from a Strengthening U.S. Dollar

I first discuss the powerful (and even distortive) role of the U.S. Dollar in both U.S. and global markets.

While the Greenback’s strength rises relative to other global currencies, I reveal how the Dollar managed to go up in price despite trillions in post-2008 money printing.

I then give special attention to what a strengthening U.S. Dollar means for the price of gold.

I think the answers might surprise you.

In addition, I will specifically address the greater controversy surrounding Modern Monetary Theory, or MMT.

Not sure what MMT means?

Well, a quick Google Search could give you an introduction to MMT, but I go in full detail about how this newest (and most desperate) theory gained popularity in D.C.

All in the name of “solving” America’s otherwise staggering debt nightmare.

Stay tuned for my coming report where I take a deeper dive behind the dangerous economics of MMT.

The pure fantasy of MMT will shock you, as will the increasing speed of its popularity.

My Newest Report Series to Help You Track the Market Storm

Once I reveal the reality beneath this MMT fantasy, I will then turn from such broader themes toward the real-time market signals that I track daily to inform your trade and investment decisions.

In particular, I’m launching a five-part series on the Critical Signals Report Storm Tracker, which we’ve only briefly introduced here.

In this absolutely essential series, you’ll see how I track what’s happening right now in the markets and gauge where markets are heading.

There’s simply no online equivalent to the Critical Signals Report Storm Tracker for accurately and concisely forecasting market moves that directly impact portfolio allocations.

The Storm Tracker is all you will need to both manage and grow your wealth in any market scenario-up, down, or sideways.

In each of the five reports, we’ll look at the specific technical data, market trends, leading indicators, GDP signals, and interest rate moves we monitor to make YOU fully in-the-know as to current risks and opportunities in these ever-changing markets.

The Critical Signals Report Storm Tracker literally tracks hundreds of complex market indicators which are then synthesized in a totally user-friendly deliverable to give you the absolute best, most timely, and sophisticated market guidance without any fluff, spin, or exaggeration.

The Critical Signals Report makes the complex extremely simple.

By the time you finish this 5-Part Series, you’ll have tremendous trust and confidence in the countless indicators, signals and data I follow to make sure you’re investing with genuine calm rather than beer-goggle desperation.

In short, you’re going to love our Storm Tracker and I’m excited to introduce it to you in this 5-Part Series.

It will be in your inbox shortly over the next few days.

In the interim, and as always, stay informed and be careful out there.

Matt Piepenburg


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  2. Everything that you say is correct, but I would make one more investment. Namely the commodity of long shelf life food, and lots of it. You figure the rest out.

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