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23 responses to “How’s It Going?”

  1. My number one dream is to be financially stable enough that I am no longer on SSI and I can help the homeless and underprivileged. I have been homeless before and feel that I am still underprivileged. I want to change that and other peoples lives.

  2. Matt,
    Love your market analysis which I believe is correct. I to am a history buff who has studied the Federal Reserve history and the history of money in our country. You might discuss the roots of the “Creature from Jekyll Island” and how it has turned into the monster it has today and thank you for the reference to the book you just reread on France’s financial woes in the 1790’s which lead to their revolution.
    I know your advise does not come cheap and I very much appreciate your desire to offer this insight because you want to help people.
    I am waiting for specific advise on what types of investments you would advise.
    Keep up the great work and God bless you, your family, the USA and France and all the world.
    It’s obvious from your writing you come from the same group of people like David Stockman, James Richards and, may I suggest a person you may not know, Graham Summers, who wrote the book “The Everthing Bubble”.

  3. I enjoy your in depth articles. The warnings about the financial nightmare to come. I went from 155000.00 in my account very quickly to 120000.00 When the market rolled over in October 2018. No warning! Just Boom! Going to take a long time to get the money back if ever. Hard lesson. But did I learn anything ? I am still in the market hoping to recover. IWM and IBB rolled over! Ugh!

  4. Don’t know how I got to be on your mailing list ??
    But I do like it.
    More international perspective…….we are not all Mericans!

  5. My sincere thanks for your superb writing. It is readily apparent that considerable thought and effort is expended in composing each post. Your points are very well formulated and clearly stated. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

    As a student of the Austrian school of economics, as exemplified by the late Ludwig Von Mises, your posts are an oasis in the Keynesian desert.

    In the financial realm, you have added immeasurably to my store of information, of the inner workings and hidden mechanisms that beguile me.

    I impatiently await each post.

  6. Hi
    I thought I would drop a reply and let you know how much I appreciate your knowledge and insight…no shooting from the hip. I’m trying to build cash although I do a bit of option trading. I have some savings in marcus.com at 2.25%…they are part of Goldman Sachs but I’m pretty sure you knew that.
    I would be interested in having your thoughts on multi-family units as a tax advantaged investment. I always look forward to reading your post. My website is being developed…will be up soon. http://www.buymydomains.online

  7. Thankyou for the informative articles in the Critical Signals reports.
    I would like to know what you think is likely to happen with gold and silver prices, and the companies which mine them.
    Many people predict substantial price rises in the medium term e.g. Late 2019, what do you think might trigger these rises?

  8. trading 1 year would like to get started with options 71yo need to make money if this works for options i will be getting my son started this summer
    he is at asu for engineering and graduated fom golf academy so he is working as asst golf pro full time and school full time

  9. Kudos, Matt. I am a new subscriber and after spending the weekend going over your materials your instincts on the current information and evaluation needs of both investor and public are spot on. Looking forward to a long collaboration.

  10. Hello: I give you a “AWESOME” on your report. I agree with your ideas about what is coming, How could Critical Signals help me?

    Thank You

  11. I’m following my plan which is 3x inverse stock and 400 oz of silver. I expect the elites to shut down the banking system which should drive precious metals up a lot. I got into 3x back in 9-16, which was way too early. If I had it to do over I would have saved money to buy 3x the day after the market fell.
    I got into silver when it was coming off it’s high of $50+, at $30.42. Maybe I can make something off of it after all. I look at it as a stash I was forced to hang onto stubbornly, refusing to sell at a loss. I’m into this about $11,000. If it goes up to $100/oz, I deserve it!!

  12. Bonjour cher ami..
    Oui je suis au début de tout ça,
    Je suis encore pauvre au souk
    Et j’espère que je dois arriver avec vous… merci cordialement

  13. I appreciate your opinion. You may not realize it but except for your last issue you are coming across as a perma bear.
    I try to read both sides both bullish and bearish so keep up the good work.

  14. Hello, I invested in CBD and weed 3 years ago and 1 year ago. I have picked the best 10 companies and now I’m looking at less than 2% gain. I also invested $50k in MSFT and now looking at 35% gain. I picked MSFT because of AI developments and there footprint in software & games. Why should I stay invested in WEED? What three best WEED stocks should I stay in?
    Alan D

  15. Your articles have really gotten my attention, to the point that I am in the process of selling most of my stock holdings in anticipation of what seems to be a certain pullback, if not a crash. I am still holding a couple of utility stocks, like AT&T and Southern Company, due to price stability and yield. I would like to hear your take on where I should park my cash to maintain some type of return with less risk as we approach the impending bursting of the debt bubble.

  16. What are your academic qualification to support your critical information and advice?
    What makes your information more reliable than say sacks, or Carey’s Shah.?
    How long have you been in the business

  17. I am 3 to 7 years from retirement and need to boost my 401k and stock/bond holdings from roughly half a million to 1 million and beyond.

  18. I need current events effect on the market. What will they do to the Markets. Right now we have this waiting game till May 2 to see if countries buying oil from Iran are stopped as per the instructions from Trump. Will Iran close the Strait? Will US keep it open. May 3 is the day action is to happen. Next up, Trump’s visit to Israel in June. A deal to give land to Palestine. This will not be signed by Israel. This is a boiling point on affecting the markets. I am interested also in safe investments as well as ones that provide high returns to balance the portfolio..

  19. Hi Matt. Please tell me of “un-biased” news services you use to inform yourself in the financial markets, stock markets and economy. Looking for those newsletters that do not try and sell you something. Strict facts.
    I like your approach. Also, if you would do an article about how to beat the hedge fund institutional investors in their game, before they make their move and what their tendency is to invest. I am trying to visualize how the world of investing works and what trends the average investor follows, not making any money. One would normally assume that they have all the information at their finger tips and make “whole” decisions, or are most not educated enough (and does “common sense” still play a role?).

    With thanks

  20. I very much appreciate the reports as they are significantly insightful. I am looking for a set of parameters regarding sector investments relative to the portfolio total that would be essentially a worry free growth portfolio. Do you have any breakdown targets for the sectors or a source where I can view that type of information. Maybe, you can address this topic in an upcoming report.

  21. Hi there Fred,

    Thanks for taking the time to reach out. And thank you for your interest in Critical Signals Report! On behalf of Matt’s editorial team, I’d urge you to take a look at his bio page here: https://criticalsignalsreport.com/bio/.

    As you’ll see there, Matt managed hedge funds for 20+ years after making millions in the dot.com bubble (even when others lost everything). He’s also an honor graduate from Brown University (Magna Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa) and he later received his Master’s and Juris Doctor from Harvard University and the University of Michigan respectively. He has financial experience working as a family office CIO, general counsel, and managing director.

    Additionally, Matt has overseen the allocation of over $5 billion in investable assets over a full range of portfolios and alternative investment vehicles. He’s worked with some of the biggest names in finance and it all inspired him to use his skill-set to help out Main Street investors so that everyday Americans can re-claim the American Dream.

    More on that mission here: https://criticalsignalsreport.com/about/

  22. I was just wondering if you know how Canada would be engulfed by all this. Since we are mostly commodities based and our 5 major banks are supposed to be “safer”. Any comments would be appreciated since I know a lot of us subscribe to American Financial Publications. I usually purchase the Canadian version of the US recommended stocks if they are available on our stock exchanges.
    Thanks, and keep up the great work. It really puts a whole new outlook on the then & now.

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