For the last many weeks, the Critical Signals Report has given you plenty to think about in terms of the “big picture” – i.e. the “macro-economic” themes that are so critical to understanding markets and how to invest in such a backdrop.

Specifically, we’ve looked at the power of the Fed, the lies behind earnings, inflation, Big Tech, and even the great unemployment myth.

On the global scale, we’ve looked at zombie market forces in places like Japan, fatal real estate bubbles in China, and the “nobody wins” scenario in the current and ever-changing tariff war.

We’ve also considered scenarios for both a market melt-up and a market melt-down and described the forces at work when beer-goggle investing gets even more crazy as topping markets get more dangerous.

Recently, we’ve looked carefully at the surreal rise of the U.S. Dollar and the even more surreal “Hail Mary” solution which DC is now considering under the name of MMT.

In short, by now YOU have a blunt, fact-based, and solid understanding of the big picture, so you are already way ahead of the crowd.

Now it’s about time for your investments to stand out from the crowd.

Let’s Get Technical and Profitable

It’s time to roll up our sleeves and get to the nitty-gritty.

I can now show you how Iactually track the markets in real-time, so that in addition to knowing the big picture, you also know how and where to invest!

Seems important, right? And it is!

A market storm is approaching, and YOU need to know how to both stay safe and get richer, regardless of the weather conditions.

That’s why we are launching Part 1 today of our Five-Part Series on the Critical Signals Report Storm Tracker.

In this absolutely essential 5-Part Series, you’ll see how I track what’s happening right now in the markets and gauge where markets are heading tomorrow.

By the time you finish this highly user-friendly series, you’ll have tremendous confidence in the countless indicators, signals, and data I follow to make sure you’re on track to grow and preserve your wealth going forward … and especially in Storm Tracker.

Here, in Part 1, we look specifically at the importance of market trend patterns.

But this is only the beginning!

There are four more parts to come, so dig in here now and stay informed.

In our next report, we’ll look at other key leading indicators to keep you ahead of the crowd.


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  1. How is the cannabis sector going to be affected by the downtrend? So far Its been going down about 20% depending on the company. The cannabis pharmaceutical companies are also going down, again depending on what companies you own

  2. This seems to make more sense than most letters I get. Well appreciated. One thought, I hear China is strong and growing, and your thought is not so.

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