When it comes to tracking technical market signals, I’ve saved one of my best “secret indicators” for last.

Today, in Part 5 of this 5-Part Series on the Critical Signals Report Storm Tracker, I look at the extraordinary relationship between interest rates and the stock market.

This tool is so critical since it forecasts future market direction.

You’ve seen already how the Critical Signals Report Storm Tracker looks at a myriad of key market indicators to track current and future investment decisions.

In recent reports, I’ve looked at everything from trend patterns to GDP data.

Alone, these indicators are not so helpful; but taken as a whole, they combine to give us solid and objective data as to what to expect in the days and months ahead.

With this report, you can make better investing decisions easier than ever.

Saving the Best Secret Indicator for Last

In Part 5 here, I’m excited to introduce what I call the “Déjà Vu Indicator”.

Its pattern is literally something I’ve “seen before” in prior market peaks just before they nose-dived into a recession.

I know you’re going to value this last report, as it helps confirm the larger macro concerns with solid, real-time technical data, and patterns.

All the patterns I’ve revealed in Critical Signals Report Storm Tracker have never been clearer to you.

Now I believe you’ll be even more confident in the days ahead when I discuss the types of portfolios and asset allocations needed to match the weather patterns revealed in the Storm Tracker.

Thus, stay on the lookout for even more investing and portfolio reports to come!

In the interim, and as always, stay informed with Critical Signals Report.


Matt Piepenburg


7 responses to “My Favorite Chart Sees Big Trouble Ahead”

  1. Thank you! One wonders what those of us with small businesses( health care ) rolling at losseswith Jan 2020 changes in reinbursement pending are to meet the commitment to those we are called to serve. The age of decadence harms inocent bystanders. Let us hope for the clarity needed to move through the maze . You are appreciated

  2. Good morning,thanks a lot for the informative information you share at least for someone like me it has been eye opener.once I had an account for the first time trading binary option. In the beginning,as I was guessing my trades,I made a few coins but lost all when I traded 5 &10sec options n lost all.Iam interested to do it again but with some knowledge.

  3. How do you calculate the 2/10 year spread? I think it is around 20 bp + while you seem to show it about 100-

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