Yesterday I released the third part of my current report series, where I give the three strategies for trading a melting market no matter if it goes up or down.

As I made clear in all 3 of these past reports, it’s always a bit tricky to know when and how to ride the rise, avoid the sinking, and make money on the way down rather than drown.

Even the very best of Wall Street struggle with market timing.

But the most successful investors know how to prepare for all conditions.

The key is to have a system and plan for tracking market phases so you can have greater confidence in yourself and huge gains in your portfolio.

If you need to adjust your positions, do so now, as I suggest in the new report here.

As long as you continue following Critical Signals Report, you won’t be alone.

I give these articles, charts, videos, and reports such deep attention in order to empower you to be a better investor equipped with the tools for success: blunt data.

And it’s data that’s not manipulated by click-bait spin from the headlines of our mainstream media and financial salesmen out of greed, fear, hope, or panic.

I only give the blunt speech that I know will benefit you.

After all, it’s what I gave for years to make my clients their fortunes during my time as a Wall Street insider.

Now, I’m giving you these hedge-fund money secrets for free.

But all this data is no good if you cannot act upon it.

So, take a few minutes and the necessary steps you know you need after soaking in all this quick, but blunt information.

And ask yourself this: Are you prepared for what these signals mean?

Take another gander at this report here, and by the end you’ll see for yourself the two key rules that are separating you from getting the wealth you deserve.

In the interim, get informed, stay safe, and be profitable out there.

Matt Piepenburg


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