Perhaps the simplest way to define the driving characteristic behind the post-2008 markets boils down to this: They are rigged to fail.

Such an assessment is not intended as a dramatic view, but rather as an empirical and objective fact.

At Critical Signals Report, we recognize that genuine conditions for melt-ups, meltdowns, and even sideways stagnation can present themselves in the near-term.

Despite these gyrations, however, our understanding of history, debt, and current market signals confirms that these markets are ultimately completely and totally rigged – and not in your favor.

For now, and depending upon the short-term decisions (often mistakes) made in D.C. regarding critical matters like rate manipulation, money printing, or even tariff wars and debt resets, any number of speculative bull and bear case scenarios can play out in the near-term.

In the longer-term, these markets are ultimately rigged to fail…

But you won’t be.

In the video above (which accompanies our latest report, Stocks Could Plummet 56% by Christmas, Because this System is RIGGED TO FAIL) we’ll examine the turning points of this rigged game in detail, leaving you with the necessary insight and evidence to recognize the truth about the U.S. markets and broader economy – and with this knowledge, you’ll be positioned to prevail.

If you haven’t already read our report, Stocks Could Plummet 56% by Christmas, Because this System is RIGGED TO FAIL, make sure you do.

In that report, we’ll show you how to avoid losing half your money, plus one simple way to actually double it…


Matt Piepenburg


4 responses to “Rigged to Fail: An Outline for Disaster and Opportunity Ahead in U.S. Markets”

  1. Thanks for sharing this extremely important information with those of us who are not as talented nor have the resources to put together this data.
    I hope the regular folks are paying attention.

  2. Matt,
    During the 2008-2009 crash, the Fed was lowering rates during the entire time, so why do you think this will be different? The Fed is about to lower rates, I expect the markets start to crumble, within 1-4months, I expect the markets to crash. Many money managers think that lowering rates will give a buffer to a crash and actually create a Melt-Up. That Melt-up if it comes to fruition will be a 3-5 day only, then reversal.

  3. Thanks sincerely Matt for your invaluable help…your clear and concise explanation of the current global financial markets, and your guidance through these volatile times.

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