Lately, there’s been a lot of talk about MMT. I even alluded to it in a prior post, and now’s the time to get into the nitty-gritty details like I promised.

In this must-read report here, I’ll tell you what MMT is and why it proves that after a decade of faking a market “recovery” through repressed rates and historical money printing, the U.S. is getting even more desperate at the top.

In this latest free report, I show you D.C.’s latest attempt to prevent the next recession.

AOC offers her helping hand to MMTers departing from all conventions of economic theory to fight recessionary pains by simply creating new money to pay America’s otherwise unpayable bills.

It’s America’s Fantasy Island of the 21st century.

Growing up in the 1980’s, no Friday night was complete without an episode of Fantasy Island, the ABC megahit in which Ricardo Montalban and his sidekick Tattoo welcome a new plane-load of weekly guests who pay small fortunes to make their fantasies come true.

This made for some pretty good TV, but I never thought I’d see the day when politicos, bond peddlers, or armchair economists might rely on similar fictions to solve our country’s now embarrassing and unsustainable debt reality.

In short, roll the opening credits for MMT otherwise respectively known as “Modern Monetary Theory” – the last and most desperate idea of a debt-drunk nation crossing the point of no return.

In this critically important free report, we’ll look at current debt levels, inflation lies, political tensions, and basic math to reveal how a fantasy theory like MMT might be engaged to buy markets a bit more artificial hope – and time – before totally wrecking the last vestiges of true capitalism as we once knew it.

Stay tuned for more reports to come giving you extraordinary insight as well as market confidence to change the way you invest!

Matt Piepenburg


2 responses to “Take Cover Now from AOC’s Latest Insane Theory”

  1. Good thinking Matt.
    Also it was ‘unreported’
    that a ‘bonus’ $7 tn was
    paid to the 5 major banks
    as an adjunct to the tarp
    (disclosed) $700 billion.
    So i guess that the tarp was a sort of cover for the biggie:$7tn. Amazing fairy tale stuff dreamed up by
    the rothschilds.

  2. a youtube documentary everyone should watch is titled –
    “The Money Masters – How International Bankers Gained Control of America”
    You will then have a better understanding than 99.9% of the public in regard to fiat currency and the monetary manipulation the Fed is involved in.
    You don’t pay your mortgage – they take your house – REAL Property – that was purchased with money they simply made up out of thin air when you took the loan out.

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