As the 2019 markets opened with their strongest bull run in decades, we are already seeing the signs of a new phase, driven primarily by the Fed’s continued, low-rate “accommodation” playbook.

When Powell announced the Fed’s infamous rate “pause” in March, this was yet another pathetic green-light for already beer-goggle-drunk markets to continue their debt-driven climb/party.

Toward this end, companies are back at the dangerous game of borrowing on the cheap to buy back their own stocks.

Thus far, we’ve already seen over $270 billion in stock buy-backs in the early months of 2019.

In essence, 20% of the stock purchases to date are just companies drinking their own debt-spiked “Kool-Aide.”

Such market momentum is as sad as it is dangerous.

Nevertheless, it buys markets some time and a further window to climb a wall of worry.

In part 1 of my four-part series on the melt-up to meltdown phases in U.S. markets, I provided you with 7 reasons for a market melt-up.

In today’s report, we now examine the melt-down phase which follows, and provide 8 triggers which can send markets spiraling downward.

In parts 3 and 4 to come, we will then give you specific strategies and tools to safely and efficiently invest in these transitioning markets.

Stay on the lookout for these critical reports in the days ahead.

In the interim, enjoy this new special report here, stay smart, and invest carefully.

Matt Piepenburg


6 responses to “The Triggers You Need to Know for the Next Market Meltdown”

  1. I can claim no expertise and so I should not try to be smart, when I am not. I do reckon tat the market has gone up beyond expectations and that sooner or later it will have a fall back. I hope to have a few positions to shelter a big blow off if that should occur.

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