Are We Catching a Dangerous Market Wave?

Dangerous Market Wave Below, we’ll look at the risks suggested by the Russell 2000, European junk bonds, and Chinese debt as set against the temptations of a record high, yet potentially dangerous market wave . Current trading conversations kinda remind... Read more »

The Inflation CPI Lie : BLS Posers…

Below we look at the lies and distortions in inflation CPI   reporting by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, or  BLS. Everyone Has a Nonsense-Detector If you spent decades dedicated to any endeavor, be it golf or basket-weaving, baseball or billiards, horseback... Read more »

Negative Yields and a Bumpy September Ahead?

Negative Yields: The Cruelest Month T.S. Elliot described April as the cruelest month, but if one slides from poetry to history and negative yields, September has its own say in the matter. Historically, September has been unkind to equity investors,... Read more »