Canadian Banks – A Fat Pitch You May Want to Swing At

As the July 4 festivities gear up in the U.S., I've been traveling and focusing on other parts of the global economy as part of an ongoing hunt for risk/reward opportunities as well as broader risk management themes.

Recently, we reported on Deutsche Bank's headline-making balance sheet risks. We looked as well at the cracks in the ice of Australia's credit woes with regard to residential mortgage and consumer debt, all of which bodes for continued trouble ahead as country after country lines up for a credit cycle domino fall.

Earlier this week I was in London talking to investors about Brexit, which is a political and economic hot potato worthy of its own, separate report as we head closer to the October deadline.

For now, however, I want to turn our attention toward another country close to my heart yet often overlooked by the talking heads on the financial media, namely Canada.

So let's get to it... Read more »

Will This Bond Bubble Ever Pop?

Below, we look at the US debt, the Fed, the bloated bond bubble, our debt ceiling, inflation, real estate, interest rates and what may lie ahead for bears and bulls alike at Signals Matter. Things Feel Good, No? Despite record... Read more »

Negative Yields and a Bumpy September Ahead?

Negative Yields: The Cruelest Month T.S. Elliot described April as the cruelest month, but if one slides from poetry to history and negative yields, September has its own say in the matter. Historically, September has been unkind to equity investors,... Read more »