The Dollar, Markets, Inflation, and Gold: Just Follow the Money

As the new year kicks in, a number of diverse yet qualified opinions and pundits are back in full swing ringing the warning bells for the future of the US dollar crash, inflation and the fate of our markets.

In other words, is it all about to come crashing down? Should you run for the hills?

The short answer is "no." The longer answer is "not yet."

Below we explain why there's still a bit of fight left in this bull run as we take a deeper dive into the dollar, inflation, the markets and the ultimate value of gold. Read more »

Here’s A “Gold Bear” Argument for Much Higher Prices

We're on a journey together through a distorted Twilight Zone of a market. So naturally, readers are constantly commenting and asking about the importance of precious metals.

Now, we've always stressed the importance of these shiny, critical assets; we've been straightforward addressing our "pro-gold" views and have referenced precious metals in numerous other articles.

There are countless distortions in the market today, breathtaking in size and scope: $17 trillion in negative bond yields, $16 trillion in fresh money printing since 2008, expensive Federal Reserve quantitative easing and repo operations - with much more on the way.

There are global and domestic political tensions; a flock of sinister black swans paddling around the Persian Gulf. There are ongoing trade wars, cold and hot.

In short, there's a lot to like about gold allocations right now, particularly if any- and everything I've just mentioned brings on (yet another) period of systemic stress and breakdown.

Here's what investors need to know... Full Story

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