How to Invest in a Bad Market

Costa Rica is one of the most famous spots in the world for surfing - waves can get massive.

Surfers paddling into them endure an exhausting process just to get out to the lineup.

No matter how many duck dives, another white-foam-tipped, blue swell is always waiting on the surface.

By the time you get past all the pummeling of the ocean, your arms can feel like Jello.

It's a lot like what we're seeing in today's market outlook...

Like a Costa Rican surfer, markets are getting a little tired and a bit "Jello-ish."

Of course, this was bound to happen after years of the exhausting processes yielding artificially smooth market conditions.

All thanks to the geniuses at the Fed distorting free price-discovery via suppressed interest rates, reckless money printing, and deficits without tears...

Now a "Jello-armed" Fed continues in vain to control the growing swell - as a massively destructive and dangerous wave looms large in the distance.

The laws of markets, like the laws of nature, are stronger than any surfboard or Fed Chairman...

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Drunk in the Bahamas-The New Normal of American Markets

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