Drop the Media Bull – Seize These Bullish Opportunities Instead

At Critical Signals Report, we have stated bluntly that market risk far outweighs reward, and that an historically unprecedented recession and market storm is approaching.

In that report, we supported this forecast with raw math, not bearish bias.

But history also matters, and thus to let this point sink in, we offered a little "blast from the past."

This report shows you how the French in the 1790's did the same thing there and then that the U.S. and the Fed have done since 2008: Print their way into a debt disaster.

Our free report on the French Disaster shows astounding parallels between the 1790's and today.

Yet despite these extraordinary examples of market disasters, we also know that markets, in their final gasps for air, reach astonishing new highs just before they tank.

And that's why this information is so critical to make more in the markets while also protecting your investments.

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Learn from History to Make the Best Investments of Your Life

It might seem that just a select few of the elite have enjoyed the most of the booming markets since the 2008 recession, but there's still much more opportunity left from this 11-year boom.

I created Critical Signals Report with the purpose to give every American the objective data for better investment.

I especially want to make sure you don't just make some life-changing wealth just to lose it.

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Are You Game for What’s Ahead in Markets?

Since 2009, it's beyond extraordinary how long the "soaring eagle" markets have been in record highs.

For those who have taken advantage of the opportunity they are bagging in money and basking in riches.

The markets have been fun and it has given us some rich opportunities.

I give the same advice to my billion dollar clients with the ridiculous fees.

The only difference is that I am giving it to you for free.

We're not in the middle of history, we're coming close to the very end of a historical financial.

We're in the thick of central bank driven and low interest rate driven market.

There are certainly almost overwhelming evidence of the markets behind what's driving the markets.

For those of you that learn from the history, you can make more money today than ever before.

For those of you that learn from the history, you can make more money today than ever before.

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How Acting Now Could Save You a Fortune

Some encounters are bittersweet, and I recently had one.

Sitting across from an old love who has yet to forgive me for a myriad of offenses, I was subtly reminded among other things of my "terrible advice" over three years ago to stay out of the markets.

In other words, she was basically trying to tell me: "I missed the Trump rally because of you."

Then she went on to describe her current life in high-end real estate sales.

The ironies do abound.

And as I sat there nodding, apologizing, and wanting either to cry or smile, I couldn't help thinking of the Italian poet, Montale, who once wrote: "there is nothing more bittersweet than an author reviewed by one who has never read past the title page."

This can be true in so many contexts...

Everyone hates a know-it-all, and I hardly know all of anything, especially the art of love or the timing of a market bubble.

But it doesn't take much to expose the fundamental secret of striking it rich in investing...

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Fed Still Has Its Beer Goggles On with Recent Sloppy Pivot

Following Powell's recent capitulation to Wall Street and Washington in March this year, the financial cheerleaders are once again out in full force.

With the Fed's sudden pivot to be "patient" on further rate hikes, it's all "go-team-go!" for the sell-side media.

I just ran across a "breaking CNBC report" highlighting the results of an E-Trade survey.

It shows that more U.S. millionaires are turning bullish again.

Instead of the 44% bullish figure back in early Q1, today that percentage has risen to 66%.

Why the sudden "group optimism"?

The Fed handed Wall Street another long window of no-rate-hike "stimulus".

Now, let the post 2008 debt party and market bubble rage on!

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