Grim Week Bodes Poorly for Your Pocketbook – What to Do Now

Welcome back to What's Happening Now, following a grim week for investors, especially those hanging on for that last evasive yet entirely possible "melt-up" in stocks to come should the Fed print more dollars out of thin air.

Beyond (and more important than) the impeachment proceedings launched in the U.S. last week, China trade negotiations fell off track again as new U.S. threats to contain even passive investing in China, along with Chinese company listings on U.S. Exchanges, were floated.

A resolution of the trade war would send markets temporarily much higher; as of today, however, such a resolution remains elusive.

In the meantime, U.S. manufacturing data continued to plummet... to below breakeven.

And on the Central Bank front, necessary Fed repo rescues alarmed the U.S. as chaos at the European Central Bank mounted.

In short, a lot is going on and not much of it is objectively good, though further Fed "stimulus" could easily buy us more time and highs.

Let's discuss...

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Fed Sees Red – The Real Numbers Behind the Most Recent Bailout

Happy Monday and welcome back to this week's What's Happening Now.

Last week was quite a week, no?

It seems we're not the only ones seeing red with our "Fed Red Days." Last Monday, the Fed saw red, too, and jumped to the rescue of an out-of-control repo market to assure liquidity for bank and other short-term financing needs.

The dangers behind this singular event cannot be overstated, so let's dig deeper into this issue below... Read more »