What You Need to Know for the Coming “Market Melt-Up”

As our report on the 12 Ways to Protect and Grow Your Wealth Today makes clear, U.S. markets are poised for a historical melt-down.

However, we track current signals not just long-term macros.

Today we are seeing increasing signs of a pre-crash melt-up for 2019, as we wrote in our previous post, Think Like a Bear, Trade Like a Bull.

In the coming days, you'll see more evidence of this money-making "fat pitch."

Toward that end, we wanted to share a few key thoughts to help you hit a homerun.

With hundreds of genuine signals out there, we track those of the utmost importance at Critical Signals Report to keep investors aware of all weather patterns, both near and long term.

We've also disclosed that in this setting of thoroughly distorted markets the #1 market indicator today is the Fed itself.

Simply stated, Fed engineering is more powerful today than any other time in market history.

Are You Game for What’s Ahead in Markets?

Since 2009, it's beyond extraordinary how long the "soaring eagle" markets have been in record highs.

For those who have taken advantage of the opportunity they are bagging in money and basking in riches.

The markets have been fun and it has given us some rich opportunities.

I give the same advice to my billion dollar clients with the ridiculous fees.

The only difference is that I am giving it to you for free.

We're not in the middle of history, we're coming close to the very end of a historical financial.

We're in the thick of central bank driven and low interest rate driven market.

There are certainly almost overwhelming evidence of the markets behind what's driving the markets.

For those of you that learn from the history, you can make more money today than ever before.

For those of you that learn from the history, you can make more money today than ever before.

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