Trade War + Rising Rates = Uh-Oh.

Below, we look at the relationship between central banks, bond markets, rising yields, rising rates, and the added insult of a trade war. Europe on the Mind? There’s a lot to think about these days. Stocks and bonds (especially), of... Read more »

Trade War: Good for America?

Trade War: Good for America? Below, we look at the latest topic-de-jour coming out of DC: tariffs and the first shots of a trade war . Real question: is there more to think about today than Tariff headlines? Latest News... Read more »

Facebook—Awful Anyway You Look At It…

Facebook Below, we look at Facebook from every angle—the philosophical/sociological, the political and the share price. Net conclusion: bad values, bad valuation. Here at Signals Matter, we write about markets not sociology or the larger existential questions of what it... Read more »