Think Like a Bear, Trade Like a Bull

I've given you plenty of evidence already of the fundamentally broken, distorted, and dishonest nature of the U.S. markets as well as the media spin and Fed "tricks" that support them.

But at Critical Signals Report, we also know these tricks and distortions can send otherwise broken markets higher before they eventually tank.

Meaning profit opportunities for you.

If the Fed, for example, is crazy enough to keep low-rate debt bubbles and stock markets going, as per the "Powell-Pivot" in March, we may scratch our heads, but we don't fight the Fed's decision.

Instead, we capitalize on the opportunity and trade the "crazy" until our signals tell us otherwise.

That's how we can trade like bulls despite thinking like bears.

This fidelity to signals and profits applies not only to the otherwise insanely over-valued stock and bond markets, but to commodities as well.

Drop the Media Bull – Seize These Bullish Opportunities Instead

At Critical Signals Report, we have stated bluntly that market risk far outweighs reward, and that an historically unprecedented recession and market storm is approaching.

In that report, we supported this forecast with raw math, not bearish bias.

But history also matters, and thus to let this point sink in, we offered a little "blast from the past."

This report shows you how the French in the 1790's did the same thing there and then that the U.S. and the Fed have done since 2008: Print their way into a debt disaster.

Our free report on the French Disaster shows astounding parallels between the 1790's and today.

Yet despite these extraordinary examples of market disasters, we also know that markets, in their final gasps for air, reach astonishing new highs just before they tank.

And that's why this information is so critical to make more in the markets while also protecting your investments.

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