In this final report of our four-part series on the melt-up to the meltdown, we put the bow on the box.

We’re wrapping up the series with nine specific strategies, vehicles, and approaches to navigating rising and falling markets.

Having now tracked the tailwinds to a melt-up, as well as the triggers to a meltdown, we learned the “what” and the “why” forces that are driving these trends.

Today we answer the key questions as to “how” to trade them.

In the special report here, we’ll examine the best stocks, ETFs, and call-option approaches for the ride up, as well as the specific approaches to take in the ride down, canvas topics of cash allocations, short stocks, put options, and inverse ETFs.

With this series under your belt, you will be more informed than the vast majority of investors out there who are wandering like ships without rudders.

Unfortunately, most folks simply don’t know what’s behind these markets and hence where they are headed or how to invest in them with expert knowledge and confidence.

But not YOU.

You are becoming increasingly informed investors and hence better investors.

You know as well about the Great Con being played out by the Fed and Wall Street to support what are otherwise fundamentally distorted markets, driven exclusively by the “beer goggle effect” of cheap debt handed down by a rich “Uncle Fed” to its spoiled, and low-rate-addicted Wall Street “nephews.”

Down the road, we are looking at further climbs followed by historical lows and then a Japan-like zombie state which we will address shortly.

In the interim, stick with the Critical Signals Report as we prepare for the weather patterns toward which our markets and financial futures are heading.

As always, stay informed, stay smart and invest wisely.

Matt Piepenburg


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