We released two seminal reports: one on the relationship between gold and a strengthening US Dollar, and another which unmasked the latest fantasy theory gaining traction in DC, otherwise known as MMT, or “Modern Monetary Theory.”09

Meanwhile, in our nation’s capital, talk and tweets of opening a new front on the trade war with Mexico risked sending the markets to their knees.

Such headline panic prompted our feckless Fed to immediately qualm Wall Street fears by throwing more comforting words (aka “Fed speak”) into the fray, namely dangling the possibility of further rate reductions.

Ah, the magical Fed dials the markets up and down like the thermostat in a house of broken windows.

Powell’s subservience to Wall Street is now totally confirmed.

The fear of rising rates can certainly buy more time and even work to send markets higher.

But this debt monster created by the Dr. Frankensteins in D.C. and Manhattan will be too dangerous for even Powell to manage.

Be Careful the System Is Rigged

In the meantime, all this stimulus, or even just talk of further stimulus, works until it doesn’t.

Over in Europe, the European Central Bank (ECB) is reviving stimulus as well.

Good times? Crazy times? Dangerous times?

Actually, the answer is “yes” to all three…which is why bull or bear, red or blue, jaded or excited – every stripe ofinvestor needs to know how to track these markets with precision rather than opinion.

That’s also why the Critical Signals Report introduced its Storm Tracker Series this week in five separate installments.

Once read, you’ll know exactly how and why we make investment decisions based upon empirical data rather than just bemused awe.

All investors first need to know how absurd, rigged, and dangerous our markets have become since the so-called 2009 “recovery.”

In the coming days, we’ll take an even closer look at just how rigged today’s markets truly are in our next special report.

Just as importantly, we’ll soon be releasing another five-part series on our All-Weather Portfolio, which tells you how we (and soon YOU) can invest safely and profitably based upon the critical indicators gained from our industry-leading Storm Tracker.

Taken together, our Storm Tracker and All-Weather Portfolio services will give you all the confidence, signals, and direction to trade in any and all market conditions, from a melt-up or melt-down to even a Japan-like era of stagnation.

Current Questions On the Future Value of Currency & the Media

Finally, I wanted to address some of the many questions we’ve recently received in the wake of these latest reports.

After our report on Gold and the U.S. Dollar, for example, Richard T. had asked about silver.

Paul L. chimed in as well to inquire as to why the main-stream media’s reporting has been so lax and otherwise uncritical of these otherwise critical issues.

Finally, Thomas K. was asking how the USA (and its Dollar) could still be a global economic leader despite its enormous debt levels to China.

As for silver, I generally think it’s an exceptional asset for all of the same reasons that we favor gold, as expressed here and here.

At a current gold/silver price ratio of 89.57 silver, today, is in many ways an even better value than gold as a long-term hedge against a world of increasingly weakening, fiat currencies.

With regards to Paul L.’s query about the lax reporting from the financial media on the issues we otherwise address at the Critical Signals Report, all we can say is this: it’s a shame.

I’ve written ad nauseum about my growing disrespect for the media’s “C-” understanding and handling of key economic issues. I give my own theories as to why the media has lost its way here, here, and here. Paul, I hope this helps.

More Questions of What to Expect for the Economy & Portfolios

And as to Thomas K.’s question about U.S. economic leadership despite its massive debt-levels to China, I hear you, Thomas.

But the sad fact today is that the term “economic leadership” is really only one of relative rather than absolute strength.

Both nations are just debt-soaked paper-tigers, of no more “leadership” quality in substance (over form) than Lance Armstrong was the leader of the Tour de France

But as Lance reminded us, even a doped leader can win for a while – until, that is, he ends in disgrace.

The equally debt-doped economies in China and the U.S. will end no differently.

I’ve written about these weaknesses, here and here. Thomas K., I hope this helps as well.

I received many other questions as well, including about oil and the U.S. Dollar, which I plan to address in a separate report.

Finally, James H. had asked whether it’s time to buy more puts than calls.

As to this issue, James, stay-tuned for our coming series on the All-Weather Portfolio, where we address this in more detail.

For now, the key to deciding upon puts vs. calls hinges directly upon changing trends, trading volume and volatility signals which we not only track daily (as the signals change daily), but which we’ll also signal to our subscribers soon.

The truth is, both puts and calls can be signaled at the same time, depending upon the sector and the conditions we track in real-time.

Any broad answer here would not be helpful.

Be patient though, our signals and All-Weather Portfolio service are just around the bend.

What’s also just around the bend is our Weekend Round-Up, which will be in your inboxes soon.

In the interim, and as always, be smart, be patient and be informed.

These totally rigged markets demand careful attention, and we’re here to keep your eyes, dollars, and insights tightly focused.

Matt Piepenburg


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