I hope you’ve learned a few things from my insider market analysis and free reports over the past week.

I know some of it sounds pretty dire, but I wanted to make sure you had the facts – free from any media manipulation.

Using math and a few “open-secrets” from my years inside global hedge-funds and markets, I’ve shown you the tricks Wall Street and Washington use to rig the markets, play with your perception, and manipulate their rising fees.

After all, good news is good for business. So it makes sense for the bigwigs to quietly sweep everything else under the rug.

The financial industry and Washington’s tax collectors love to see rising markets, and they require your passive faith and capital gains to keep this game going.

This system only survives if you’re “all-in” and feeling omni-bullish in a market that looks like it’s been steadily climbing since 2009.

But if you fall for this cliché systemic trap, your investments won’t be safe from the trouble ahead.

Rigging the System with Inflation and Earnings

Wall Street loves happy sheep.

So the political and financial “shepherds” lead the masses with an almost perpetual spin of “all-is-rosy” data that pours down daily from the industry-servient main stream media-especially after markets spiral south as they did at the end of 2018.

And the key to this perpetual cheerleading has been the constant reminder that unemployment is at record lows (spoiler: that’s not exactly “true”, as you’ll see right here), inflation is contained, GDP is surging, and the ripping profits and earnings out of Wall Street are never-ending.

But if you’ve come this far and read my collection of free reports here, then you know that none of these bullish memes represent reality.

Not one of them.

Profits and earnings are rigged by accounting tricks, stock buy-backs, tax cuts, and lies of omission.

Using actual GAAP accounting, earnings out of Wall Street are actually at pathetic, flat-lining lows, not record highs.

As for the Fed-speak on inflation, this otherwise “boring” topic is the keystone to one big fat lie shamelessly and deliberately peddled by your shepherds in the corner offices.

Low inflation, which is tied to low interest rates, is essential to keeping Wall Street and Washington from going completely broke.

If actual inflation was honestly reported, we’d have to raise interest rates to contain it.

But if rates honestly went up and the cost of our unprecedented and rising $72 trillion debt rose alongside genuine inflation, the debt party on Wall Street and D.C. would end in a New York minute.

So, what does Washington do?

They simply and blatantly lie about inflation to keep our fake and entirely debt-driven post-2008 “recovery” going.

In fact, inflation is not at the reported 2%, it’s closer to 5 times that number.

It seems hard to believe, but I’ve shown you the math rather than the lies.

Math, unlike the Fed, can’t lie.

Again, this is pretty sobering and dire indeed, but it gets worse.

A Recession Is Overdue, According to Unemployment Rates

Perhaps the most obvious lie we’ve been told in the last few years is the incredibly low U3 unemployment rate of 3.8%.

Wall Street and Washington constantly use this deception to cheerlead our great economic “recovery” and the sky-rocketing stock market.

But once more, the actual math tells an entirely different story, and U.S. unemployment is much closer to 20% than it is to the 3.8% figure you’ve bene told.

I prove it with genuine facts not market spin in this free report.

But as dishonest and disturbing as the official U3 unemployment lie really is, there’s an even darker skunk in this woodpile that I want to reveal here.

You see, one of the many indicators we look at Critical Signals Report to track the next epic recession is the behavior of the U3 unemployment history.

Today, we want to leave you with this special warning: Whenever the U3 rate starts to hit such lows (however dishonest) like we are seeing now, a market recession historically follows soon thereafter.

This is just one of the many signals I’m tracking for you here at Critical Signals Report.

I hope it helps open your eyes a bit to the importance of seeing the facts and risk in a market backdrop otherwise driven by a fog and spin.

Today, this is more essential than ever. You need a seasoned investor on your said to help you navigate all the clever tricks of a sell-side-biased market of salesmen and political double-talkers.

I’ve spent over two decades investing my own money as well as billions of dollars from other sophisticated investors who rely precisely upon such data, clarity, and blunt-speak.

I’ve been inside the hedge funds, banks, and family offices where the real lessons of investing are gathered.

I’ve sifted through years of noise in the fanciest firms, schools, and settings, and I have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly.

This taught me to rely on facts rather than opinions.

Focusing on these facts, I’ve gained the trust and managed the wealth and risk of some pretty successful folks.

I hope I’ve begun to gain your trust as well.

Toward that end, I’m working on something very special to offer you quite soon. It’ll give you complete clarity and confidence to navigate the market fog and dodge the dangers coming.

In the interim, look at the profit opportunities outlined in my many free reports and please, be smart, be patient, and be careful out there.

Matt Piepenburg


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