The Fed pivoted in March and all but assured a low-rate horizon “pause” for 2019 (at least for now).

Here at Critical Signals Report, we are tracking potential, and even bullish, tailwinds given this infamous “pause”-aka Fed “stimulus.”

For now, the bulls and the media “calm patrol” are once again out in full force, but much of their cheerleading fails to get the facts right.

Feeding this hoopla is a recent Fortune article which all too quickly quotes Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan reassuring investors against any recession concerns, as “employment and wages continue to go up.”

With a tone of similar reassurance, Forbes recently came out with its own puff-piece to quell any fears regarding the flattening yield curve.

The article comforts anxious readers that “the yield curve model may have been slightly lucky with forecasting success in the past and it may not have the iron-clad forecasting power that we anticipate this time around.”

And this is not the only tactic that the media will use to get you to place your money blindly in the wrong hands or using the wrong strategies.

It’s Time to Spin Your Own Wealth Through the Right Investing Strategy

The financial media tends to get particularly bullish for all the wrong reasons.

The only tailwind today is Fed support, plain and simple, and we are tracking this carefully, as there is room for markets to climb before they tank.

I’ve already called out the “calm patrol” on their bull.

It’s all here in this free report, Why America is Now the Most Socialist Country in the World.

Even once you can recognize the overt media spin, the next step is to consider what exactly are they covering up.

We actually see a potential and significant rise in the near-term, but a heck of a crash thereafter.

Stay tuned for further reports in the coming days.

All the evidence you need for the long-term market risk is in another report, 12 Ways to Protect and Grow Your Wealth Today.

Plus, reading this material will take you one step further in proactively protecting your money rather than simply reacting to the oncoming losses like the rest of the masses.

While they may catch some upside, but will not see the signals to get out of the markets at the right moment.

Critical Signals Report won’t let that happen to YOU.

In the interim, and as for Jamie Dimon’s observation that “employment and wages continue to go up,” please remember that banks like JP Morgan survive on good news, not accurate news.

Banks are like car salesmen-they always have a story to tell and a product to sell.

But if you want to know the facts, rather than sales-spin, about our so-called “full employment,” I suggest you read this free report here.

Now back to the Forbes observation that the yield curve may have only been “slightly lucky” in the past.

Let me remind readers that inverted yield curves preceded each of the last 11 recessions in the U.S.

11 inverted yield curves have come, and 11 recessions have followed.

How “lucky” is that?

Folks, being a bull or a bear is not what matters.

Instead, facts matter.

At Critical Signals Report, that’s what we offer, and the fact is: Today’s markets offer more risk than reward in the long run.

Nevertheless, near-term opportunities also await as markets head toward a melt-up with the tailwind of Fed support, which we are also tracking and will report upon soon.

Are YOU prepared for these risks and opportunities?

For now, I hope you read most of what comes out of the main stream financial media with a healthy skepticism and look to Critical Signals Report with a thirst for blunt speak and genuine guidance.

In the interim, and as always, be careful out there.

Matt Piepenburg


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  1. Your extensive economic information shared within your Critical Signals Reports is greatly appreciated. I am new to the investment market place and find your incite very helpful to better understand the Markets and Wall Street!

    Thank you!
    David Barksdale

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