The dollar is rising in strength-and this means big changes ahead, even for gold.

The world in general, and the U.S. stock market in particular, hinges on central banks, which revolve around one primary currency: the U.S. Dollar.

Thus, if you want to know where the world, the markets, and the U.S. Dollar are headed, you need to dig into this next free report: How the Dollar Keeps the U.S. Afloat.

In this free report, you’ll understand how the dollar can still retain its relative value despite the fact the U.S. has quintupled (yes quintupled) the supply of U.S. dollars since 2008!

It jibes a lot with the most desperate theory Washington is considering as the “Hail Mary” solution to our historically debt-soaked and market topping time bomb.

If you haven’t yet looked under the hood of MMT, your jaw will likely drop when you see just how desperate the U.S. has become. Read it and weep…

And if you want to know why the U.S. Dollar is about to go up even more as other currencies sink, it’s all in here.

Finally, if you want to know why GOLD will go up along with a rising a U.S. Dollar, it’s all in here.

Folks, it’s absolutely essential that you understand the power our currency has over both the short and long-term direction of your investment portfolios.

But don’t worry. You are getting more informed each day at Critical Signals Report, and you will be ready for whatever the market does.

Why? Because we’ll be keeping you equally informed with our upcoming 5-Part Series on how our Storm Tracker looks at hundreds of technical indicators to let you know the precise steps you can take to both preserve and grow your wealth in today’s otherwise insane economic and political landscape.

Regardless of where the markets go, YOU will be prepared.

Over the next few days, we’ll be showing you why this is simpler than you think.

So, stay tuned, and stay informed!




Matt Piepenburg


4 responses to “Why a Strengthening Dollar Is About to Change Everything”

  1. A strong dollar is better then Great Britain always in discussions about the Euro verses the Brexit issues of separate GBP currency I think it is maybe I think

  2. Yes I would like to follow the reasons the USA $ has the ability to be a leader in the world market when they are so far in debt , to China ?

  3. Disconcerting to say the least. Why isn’t the media reporting on this on a more regular and critical basis? How can people from ‘every day’ America be made aware in a much more open and critical basis as to what is really going on?

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