What a whirlwind week it has been.

If you followed the mainstream media, I’m sure you have had your fill of the U.S. China trade deal (or “no-deal”).

Every headline and tweet hits markets and send them gyrating.

I chimed in early last week before it become so much more convoluted as this tariff war heated up from the front of the Twitter world.

As if I couldn’t time it any better, I then released my free report as the Part 2 of my current series listing out the 8 triggers you need to know for the next market meltdown.

Then I made the case in a separate issue how our real estate market is turning its head into a real monster.

We’re just getting things started here at Critical Signals Report.

We aim to give you the most we can offer you, including the melt-up tailwinds we’ve been tracking.

What more do you need?

Well you still have the final part of my 4-Part series where I will dig more into specific vehicles and strategies to capture each of the three stages I list in the Part 3 report here.

And I already have another report on the docket as a sort of follow up to this melt-up and meltdown market ride in store.

I’ll give you a hint: it rhymes with “Japan.”

It will give a real-world example of what to expect in a similar vein of what we happened to the French and their rising debts which also “rhymes” with so many issues the U.S. faces today.

Again, and I mean it really, what more do you need?

Let me know in the comments below or by following me on Facebook here.

I’d love to read and I hope to answer your questions in an another, upcoming feedback piece.

In the interim, get informed, stay safe, and be profitable out there.

Matt Piepenburg


3 responses to “You Can’t Afford to Miss What This Critical Signals Recap Gives”

  1. what will happen to worldwide markets when China, Russia and Iran attack Europe(NATO) and Israel? Biblical prophesy is coming ezikeil 38 & 39.

  2. I have read all your reports including your 4 parts reports.
    Now, I have some questions specially after reading French history.
    1. Japan has something 250 % or 350 % of GDPgovernment debt with 0 (zero) interest policy over 30 years and still sticking to it while stagnant economy after bubble burst.
    But, they did not borrow foreign money like South American countries. They can pay any amount of interest by printing their own money and don’t have to pay off entire debt, with revolving credit.
    2. American government debt is only 80% or 90% of GDP and did not borrow foreign money. They can pay any amount of interest, therefore Treasury is no credit risk.
    Only difference is that Japanese government bond is almost entirely hold by own citizens. American government bonds are held by numerous countries, banks, institutions and wealthy individuals.
    Further get into ZIRP’s results in Japan is obvious stagnant economy and stubbornly sticking to it over 30 years.
    No interst or near 0 interest is same as Arab or Isram society with 0 interest rate. Therefore, nobody lends money if any small laons between family, relatives or close friend, No such commercial size loans. So, no economic developments and no jobs, poor.
    Near 0 interest rate policies in Japan, the US and now Europe is same track to the Arabs, no vigorous economic activities. As you say, it is fake economy, is it ?

    And I knew bubble will burst in a few years. But, I did not know it takes another a couple of years to hit the true bottom. Now, I am facing another 5 years or so to wait with no interest on my cash. I thought it is better missing the melt up rather than lose it. Anther 5 to 6 years to get the bottom
    It is dilemma, now. Plz, give me your comments.

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