One of the clear benefits of Critical Signals Report is receiving reports like the one I just shared yesterday where I lay out 8 triggers of the coming meltdown.

Now to be clear, not all factors are certain to happen, but it’s important to note that any one of them has the potential and power to actually trigger the crash.

And that’s why what we’re doing in Critical Signals Report is so important to help prepare America for the next recession.

The markets are walking a dangerous tightrope with the Fed acting as its net. So many Wall Street big shots believe in the too big to fail American economy, as the Fed saved them last time.

Certainly, the Fed has made some recent moves continuing to support the current up trend, but it’s just a greater case for the beer-google-drunk market we are facing now.

The party is good and strong now, but it could crash at any second. Since 2008, the markets have dipped over 10 times on a weekly basis, and every time, the markets recovered.

There’s actually a clear pattern for how these trends played out before and how it will happen again, but the media is simply not willing-nor capable-to share the critical metrics and charts that we’ve been diligently tracking with Critical Signals Report.

We don’t need to just wait and see how far the markets and our accounts plummet down.

Get Ahead of the Market Before It’s Too Late

Now’s the time to make sure you are on top of the current market melt-ups and aware of the coming market meltdowns.

There are clear scenarios of how it will play out in succession with more short-term highs to come, then followed by subsequent meltdown, then afterwards stagnant growth no matter what tricks the Fed pull out of their hats.

But now, the stage is set for the world needing a boost before any sort of significant global growth occurs.

Luckily, the U.S. will benefit from the initial falls of other global markets like Europe and Asia, as the sudden cut of businesses in those regions will turn flows into the U.S. allowing stocks to trail up, but it won’t last for long.

It just becomes ever more evident every day the need for all every day investors to know how to protect and grow wealth to last for a lifetime, as I shared 12 specific ways in this report here.

I’m giving you this insight after my years of experience at no cost to you as the reader.

Whether you are an experienced investor or a new first timer just starting a new financial path, what I share can be helpful to you.

When reading Critical Signals Report, you get no-nonsense blunt talk about the markets and the macro factors moving them.

I’m here to help you take control of your wealth, goals, and dreams in spite of a system that’s failing by design.

So many of you have expressed your concerns and desires to grow your wealth and to be financially stable enough so you don’t have to rely on Social Security when you retire.

Some may want to double or triple their accounts with in the next few years, or maybe to pass on wise investments to their families, or simply to give back to others who have been less privileged.

Whatever your goal might be, there may be something holding it up and preventing it from happening.

I gave my responses to some of the many common questions I recently received, and you can read here my responses.

Again, check out my newest report here, so you can stay informed and invest carefully.

Matt Piepenburg


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