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  • What Low Rates Do to Your Favorite Stocks

    The relationship between low rates and inflated stock prices is dangerous, and that danger is likely impacting your money.

    As market veterans who've seen this movie before, we'd like to make this point stick with another source of entertaining fiction - Netflix.

    The company's taken on a frankly disturbing amount of debt, something that even a market darling FAANG stock isn't safe from.

    Here's why you should keep an eye on this debt drama... Read more »
  • How to Protect Yourself Amidst the Pension Hurricane

    Last Friday, we dove into the U.S. Pension Fund Disaster, where we set up the backdrop for how pension funds can trigger a massive sell-off. Wall Street and pension fund trustees are asking more folks to double down rather than... Read more »
  • What the Fed Says Doesn’t Matter: Here’s Why

    Welcome back to What's Happening Now, your weekly guide to what's going on right now and why it matters to you - and your money.

    In this topsy-turvy world of Fed markets rather than stock markets, bad news (as in the economy is worsening) can often translate to good news to investors, because it means more Fed "support" - i.e. the "faking it" policies of a now openly rigged to fail market.

    Coming off a week with no less than seven Fed officials, including Fed Chair Jerome Powell, opining on interest rates and the state of the economy, markets closed last week confused for good reason.

    We're going to dive into why what the Fed says doesn't matter; rather, it's what it does and how the markets react to it...

    Let's discuss...

    Read more »
  • This “Perfect Storm” is Getting Closer

    There’s no way to beat around the bush with this: Pension funds across the country are massively underfunded, massively allocated to risky stocks, and massive in size. This trio of facts represents a ticking time bomb of demographic and market... Read more »
  • No One’s Looking at Italy – Here’s Why That’s a Mistake

    Italian yields have recently lost their minds and will directly impact the sanity of U.S. wallets if you’re not paying attention right now. Bonds are our thing. We’ve traded and tracked them for decades, as they are the true signposts... Read more »

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