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  • Critical Signals: Virus… or just sick markets?

    Parting ways. Gosh. We hate to part ways this Friday with the markets tumbling, but Friday, February 28, will be the very last CSR to hit your inbox as we take our best ideas and new portfolio solution service full-time to

    We have so enjoyed our colleagues at Money Map Press, and of course, your engagement and your comments!

    If you haven't already Subscribed at, or have not downloaded any FREE publications at, like our Free Investment Primer or Free Storm Tracker 5-Part Series, we are about to lose contact with you forever. No email address. No contact.

    So, for second to last time, run don't walk to Signals Matter so we may continue the conversation.

    But for now, back to the markets.

    Equity and other risk markets saw sharp declines on Friday, Monday and this Tuesday (as we pen this Wednesday CSR), which the headlines are universally attributing to the COVID-19 coronavirus.

    But the headlines are missing the bigger picture-for the global markets have been sick long before the virus went viral. Below, we make this data-driven-clear.

    There is perception... and then there is reality...

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  • How to Build a Safe Portfolio Amid the Backdrop of the Coronavirus “Disease X”

    Market Alert Before We Get Started: As we pen this third-to-last CSR before market openings this early Monday morning, the Dow is down over 800 points in overnight trading, plunging on fears that the coronavirus is spreading, as investors jump toward safe haven assets.

    It's well worth mentioning now: Portfolios are not for fun; they're intended to keep you safe.

    To this end, we've saved the best for last and go deep behind the curtain one last time to leave our CSR readers with actionable parting advice for their portfolio's in these increasingly uncertain and virally concerning times.

    And as an equal and final tribute to our CSR audience, let us remind YOU ONLY that we have made our recent book, Rigged to Fail, now a Top-10 New Release on Amazon, yours for FREE until 5:00 PM on Thursday, February 27.

    That's right. During this exclusive period announced only at the CSR, the eBook version of Rigged to Fail is available at zero cost-just click and read. You'll be glad you did.

    OK, now for What's Happening Now this new week and what you need to know to backcheck investment portfolios.
    Let's discuss...

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  • Big Borrowers… Big Budgets… Big Problems

    Before we get started, a word of thanks. Gosh - so many of you have come over to Signals Matter already; what a wonderful testimonial to our service. Thank-you, so many of you, who have already joined us at these last few days.

    As we like to say, it's not actually what we say that matters: What matters is whether what we say matters to others.You have been loud and clear.

    For those of you who may have missed the Monday CSR, we're moving our reports (and our promised, greatly expanded new portfolio service) into an whole new phase at

    Starting now, at, you'll receive the same unparalleled U.S. and global market intelligence that you've enjoyed at the Critical Signals Report...but much, much more...

    Like Weekly Action Items, Global Heat Maps, Market Watch, Timely Charts, Sector Watch, Storm Tracker, and, of course, Your Portfolio - a service that provides specific trade recommendations for the times at hand, not to mention your very own Market School.

    We'll be here at CSR until month's end, although we do have to advise that henceforth, adjustments to Storm Tracker and specific Sector and Portfolio recommendations will only be accessed at, to protect our paid Signals Matter subscribers.

    Makes sense and we hope you understand.

    Our mission is straightforward, and always will be: Simple signals miles ahead of Wall Street and the Financial "media" at a price that makes our service available to all-from Main Street to the penthouse suite, because all investors, of all ages, experience and income levels, deserve straight talk and blunt market signals.

    We'll keep you in the know and not skip a beat.

    Toward that end, and as inverting yield curves become a concerning issue all over again, what we're seeing today is a market and economy marching steadfastly towards even higher levels of debt.

    Let's discuss...

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  • The Tesla Melt-Up: Sublime or Ridiculous?

    There's just no way to conclude this week without a discussion of Tesla.

    Who knows where the price of Tesla will be between the time I write this and you read it, but suffice it to say, Tesla's 120% rise in a matter of weeks...

    followed by a 20% dip in matter of hours...

    ... reminds me a helluva lot of the growth stock volatility I witnessed just before the NASDAQ's big "uh-oh" moment in 2000...

    In short, the price moves seen this singular week in Tesla are just plain ridiculous no matter how you look at it, be you a Tesla bull or Tesla bear. Read more »
  • Risk Ticks Up: “Carefully Bullish” to Bearish for Now

    What a difference a few days makes...

    In our last report, we described ourselves as "carefully" bullish, mostly due to the remaining tailwinds of Fed support spilling over from Q4 2019.

    We said there would be dips and dip-buying to come as well, and by the week's close, those dips had shown up...

    But, again, we caveated such bullishness as being "carefully" so, and in this Monday report, we go into much deeper detail as to why.

    In short, as markets change, the signals change. It's now time to be careful and wait for the signal to buy the dips still to come.

    Simply put, there's now a lot happening out there in the world as we turn the page to February, including the now- global coronavirus threat, Brittan's exit from Europe, slowing consumer spending, negative real yields playing to an increasingly inverted U.S. yield curve, plunging oil prices and well... to much more than these pages can cover this Monday.

    We'll hit the highlights for you, though, in this What's Happening Now, namely addressing the rising risks, how we monitor them, and what we're doing about it (i.e. recommending) for YOU.

    Let's discuss. Read more »

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